About Us

Âme Soeur Products are designed with love and care by Bay Area Soul Sisters: Sarah and Valerie. Embodying the intersection of beauty and practicality, these are the dream bags Sarah and Valerie want to carry themselves. Inspired by the contagious optimism of their role models and kindred spirits, Sarah’s father, the Venerable Father John, and Valerie’s grandmother, Juliette, each bag is imprinted with words of joy and wisdom to fill the hearts of those who carry them.

Chic. Fun. Luxe. Limited run. Made in Los Angeles using hand-dyed and embossed hides from Italy and fine European linens.

Our Story

It all began with Sarah seeing a clutch emblazoned with the word “Happy” which brought to mind her father’s signature greeting, “Oh Happy Day!”, and Sarah was brought to tears of joy. To continue carrying that burst of happiness, Sarah considered having one of her own tote bags painted to read, “Oh Happy Day!”, she realized that none of her tote bags met all her needs and began to wonder if other women felt similarly. She reached out to her soul sister, Valerie, also an ardent believer in the power of positivity, who like Sarah lives out of her tote bags, and is always in search of the PERFECT bag. The idea for Âme Soeur began.

Our Bags

In creating Âme Soeur products, Sarah and Valerie draw upon a love of feel-good fashion and a desire to create bags that are as practical as they are stylish…and to keep pace with their busy lives.

Each Âme Soeur bag is carefully designed and constructed with functionality in-mind. The totes are lightweight, just the right size, equipped with interior pockets, slots for credit cards, clasps for keys, and zippers to keep belongings secure. Because Sarah and Valerie like to keep their bags organized, and change up their bags depending on their activities, the line has fanciful coordinating carry-all-zip pouches and cosmetic bags that can transfer between bags or be carried on their own.

As the primary fashion accessory they carry with them daily, Sarah and Valerie believe their bags must be as beautiful as they are practical. Âme Soeur bags are constructed from sumptuous materials: carefully chosen, beautifully dyed, embossed hides made in Italy in small batches, paired with calf and lamb non- embossed leathers and suede, European linens, canvases, and metallic lining leathers.

Because of the handmade nature of Âme Soeur s materials, no two Âme Soeur bags are alike, instead they are just as unique and special as the women who carry them.

Our Name

The company name, Âme Soeur (French for Soul Sisters, Kindred Spirits) celebrates the connection that Sarah and Valerie share, as well as honors Sarah’s father and Valerie’s Grandmother who shared a love of life and a positive outlook that helped them both thrive into their late 90’s.

Their contagious optimism and savoir-vivre influenced Sarah and Valerie in immeasurable ways and serves as the inspiration behind all Âme Soeur products.

Our Inspiration

Although they never met, and they lived distinctly different lives in different parts of the world, Sarah’s father, John and Valerie’s grandmother, Juliette, metaphorically were KINDRED SPIRITS in their wisdom on life and their uncanny ability to spread joy and happiness to those around them.

“Oh Happy Day!” was John’s favorite phrase. He’d greet friends with it and sing it in the streets, lifting hearts and reminding friends to notice the joy in the world through his contagious enthusiasm.

Juliette embodied living life to the fullest and filled the hearts of those around her with her. Even in times of significant adversity, she practiced gratitude and maintained her optimism, saying each morning, “Today Is A New Day!” and each evening as she drifted off to sleep, “My hands are overflowing with all my blessings. My life is wonderful.”

Each Âme Soeur bag is imprinted in metallic foil or debossed with John and Juliette’s characteristic sayings — and a few more “colorful” ones– to carry on their torch of positivity, lift hearts and spread smiles to others.

With style, optimism, and enduring functionality, Âme Soeur bags are the new MUST-HAVE accessory that will carry you through life, literally and figuratively.

Âme Soeur. Inspired by Kindred Spirits. Designed by soul sisters for the way we live.